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Artist interviu - Oliver Klein

Antes de que viniera, Tiësto, Holden, van Dyk, Marco V, Deadmau5, Satoshi Tomiie vieneron otro tipo de Dj`s, gente de alguna más apegada al movimiento del underground en su país.  Productores y Dj`s en formación que fueron parte de nuestro crecimiento a través de el de ellos.  Este es el caso de Oliver Klein.  Su primer evento en Guatemala fue en el 2002, año en que la mayoría de visitantes de este foro no conocian los eventos electrónicos.  Sin embargo, lo que se gesto en esa época fue mágico y si alguna fiesta marcó una época fue la de Oliver Kelin en la bodega de la zona 4.  Este 28 de Julio regresa este increible Dj a nuestro país, con una propuesta más sólida y fuerte en las vísperas de lanzar su primer album.  Les dejamos una pequeña entrevista que realizamos hace unos días para recordar y saber que podemos esperar en esta nueva edición de la fiesta de música 502.

It`s been a while since your last visit to Guatemala.  What have you been up to in the last couple of years? Yes, it's been a long time... I did a lot stuff the last couple years. Many collaboration with different artists like Martin Eyerer, Ramon Tapia, Peter Jürgens, Kolombo and many more. Plus, I am proud to announce that I have just finished my debut album! It will be entitled "Gallery" and gets released on Kling Klong in September 2011. The first release of the album is "Hey Baby" and "My Definition". Release date of this EP is 18th July 2011. Check it out!

Your performances here have caused a lot of impact, what do you think is the key element for that to happen? I think the music itself is the key for the massive feedback in Guatemala. People like to escape from their "normal" world and celebrate a new form of life. I played one of the first electronic events in Guatemala. It was the new start for a fantastic time in the music scene. 

If you could go back, which was you favorite presentation in Guatemala? The first one in 2002 i think. It was in an old factory. This was one of my greatest shows ever. The people clapped their hands to the beat and altogether shouted my name - "Oliver... Oliver... Oliver..." - AMAZING!!!!

Going forward now, music has changed a lot over the last years, and fused also a lot with different genres.  How would you describre your current music proposal?  Has it changed? Those who listened my sets in the past may know that I'm not a DJ who can be reduced to only one genre. I really like various styles of electronic music and like to combine them to one new thing. But if you want to give it a name I think TECHNO, my big love, fits best!  

5 quick questions
 - Favorite artist of all time Depeche Mode
 - Favorite Dj Laurent Garnier  
 - Top 3 producers at the moment Gary Beck, Pascal FEOS, Nicole Modaber 
 - Favorite food Indian 
 - Favorite city to play inside Germany  Club102 in Neuss / Germany 
 + info: 

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