viernes, 23 de octubre de 2009

Cube presenta: CUBE RECORDINGS.

CUBE RECORDINGS, el nuevo bebé del concepto CUBE sale al mundo

Despúes de casi 3 años de infiltrar la cultura electrónica en Guatemala a través de fiestas, un programa de radio y con un website informativo, estamos muy complacidos de presentarles al nuevo bebé del concepto CUBE, CUBE RECORDINGS.

La disquera saldrá al aire en la última semana de Noviembre y tendrá como punto central de enfoque el Techno y el Progressive junto con sus variantes melódicas.

La idea se centrará en exponer artistas guatemaltecos centroamericanos al mundo, y tener remixers de clase mundial para darle aún más fuerza a este nuevo concepto.

Los primeros 4 releseases que verán la luz son:

Alex Hentze – Battletoads Alex Hentze-Battletoads PROMO by Cube Recordings

Bruxxas & Casta – The downfall Bruxxas & Casta-Downfall PROMO by Cube Recordings

Alex Hentze – Green Forces Alex Hentze-Green Forces PROMO by Cube Recordings

Rod V – Lugubre Rodv-Lugubre PROMO by Cube Recordings

Los remixes saldrán en el primer mes del 2010. Todos los tracks los podrás adquirir a través de las tiendas electrónicas iTunes,,, y, entre otras tiendas virtuales.

Ademas nos puedes encontrar en:

Esperamos tu apoyo al talento nacional, y a la electrónica en general para hacer crecer aún más este movimiento, y llevar cada día más a Guatemala hacia el mundo.

domingo, 11 de octubre de 2009

Entrevista a Phetsta Technique Recordings master.

Hace poco tuvimos el honor de poder hacerle una entrevista a uno de mis artistas favoritos de drum and bass Whetu Kay, mejor conocido en la escena dnb mundial como Phetsta.

Melodias oscuras y bajos potentes definen el estilo de este productor y dj quien desde el año 2,000 ha estado llenando los dancefloors con sus potentes beats.

Aqui los dejamos con algunas preguntas:

Some days ago we had the honor of being able to do an interview to one of my favorite artists of drum and bass Whetu Kay, better known in the world dnb scene as Phetsta.

Dark melodies and powerfull deep bass define the style of this producer and dj the one who from the year 2,000 has been filling the dancefloors with his powerful beats.

Here we leave the answers of the questions we made him:

1. El dnb en el mundo es uno de los generos mas potentes y pesados en cuanto a música electrónica se refiere, en tu caso como ingresaste a esta música y como surge phetsta?
1. DnB is one of the heaviest and hardest genres in electronic music, how did phetsta get involved in this genre, and how do you start as a musician in electronic music?
During my final year of high school in 2000 a friend got me onto Konflict, Bad Company and Ed Rush & Optical. I was a big fan of heavy metal and punk at the time so D&B instantly appealed to me. I hit a few parties and was totally hooked.
I started messing about on FruityLoops shortly after. Unlike alot of producers I actually began to DJ after I was already producing. I slowly built up a back catalouge of unreleased tracks and people started to get into my stuff through the internet. It was all an accident really how I fell into it. After a few years I saved up for some proper studio gear and then got rolling.

2. Creo que el dnb ha evolucionado mucho en los últimos años, el sonido y las tendencias han cambiado y los gustos con también.
Phetsta siempre ha tenido un sonido representativo, fuerte y crudo pero a su vez siempre con ese estilo dancefloor que a todos nos gusta.
Crees tu que los cambios en las tendencias han cambiado tu sonido y si es asi en que formas?
2. DnB has evolved a lot during the last years, the sounds, the likes and the tendencies. You´ve always had a very unique sound through the years, strong and raw, but at the same time with that dancefloor feeling we can all relate with.
Do you think tendencies have changed you sound through the years, if so in what ways?
Before I was signed I was mostly into tech step and neurofunk. Personally I found the sound and attitude of the people and labels involved in this side of the scene became really tiresome. Since signing to Technique I’ve taken on a much broader range of influences. I try to combine dense musical synth-scapes with heavy new school production, keeping it big enough for the dancefloor but with enough of a broad appeal to attract listeners who don't usually listen to Drum n Bass. I’ve always had a strong emphasis on mixdown.
Of course trends do change and I try to evolve the tracks I write with them. Generally I like to mix up different styles of D&B and put my own twist on them too.

3. Como dj, cual ha sido tu mejor experiencia tocando dnb, que es lo que sientes y como lo describirías.
3. As a Dj, what has been your best experience playing DnB, what do you feel, how can you describe it?
There’s been alot of stand out shows for me over the years. As Bad Robot myself and Rregula played two huge shows supporting Calyx, Teebee and BSE in 2005. On my last European tour there were shows in Madrid, Vienna and Rome that were absolutely mind blowing.
I love DJing just as much as producing, I try to play a very broad range of Drum & Bass as well as some House, Breakbeat and Dubstep. Playing gigs and touring always leaves me wanting to head back to the studio, it’s great feeding the crowd with energy and having it fed back and in turn wanting to write more music.

4. Que podemos esperar de phetsta próximamente?
What can we expect from Phetsta in the near future?

My latest single "The Sun 2009" with Shock One backed with "Stage Diver" with Camo & Krooked has just been released on Technique. It's getting alot of love. We're releasing a radio edit of "The Sun 2009" accompanied by a video clip which has just finished shooting.
Several remixes are about to drop soon; "Camo & Krooked - Vampires (Phetsta's Illegal Dildo Remix)" and "Dj Panik - Super Skank (Phetsta Remix)".
There's also a couple of unreleased tracks floating around at the moment. "Disco Dog" is something quite different for me, a throw back to the techstep sound around 1998. "Dance All Night" is a vocal dubstep thing I finished off recently which is getting caned by Kito (Disfigured Dubz). We’ve actually made plans to get in the studio sometime which should be interesting. I've also been working on another collaboration with Shock One as well, no name yet, but it's going to be coming out on his debut album.
I have so many unfinished D&B and Dubstep tracks sitting here it's not funny anymore, hopefully I'll get the time to finish them off soon. Perhaps I’ll start on a debut LP sometime in the near future.

5. Si pudieras tocar con cualquier artista con quien seria?
If you could play alongside any artist, who would it be?

This is a hard one, because I've played alongside many of the D&B artists I idolised when I was younger now. Some artists I would love to have a studio session with people like Timbaland, Vangelis, Matthew Bellamy, or go back in time to late seventies to mid eighties and jam with D Train, Hall & Oates or Zapp & Roger.

Quick Questions:
1. Favorite food
Beef Pho Soup or Fried Seafood Kwei Teo.
2. Favorite Drink
Little Creatures Bright Ale, a beer made here in Perth. Best. Beer. Ever.
3. Any Phetsta ritual before performance?
Two of three beers usually sorts me out.
4. Favorite music artist?
I have many favourites, it's hard to pick just one. Nine Inch Nails, Kemal & Rob Data, Vangelis, Space, Matrix, Muse, Bag Raiders, D Train, Axwell, Sub Focus, Brookes Brothers.

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