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CUBE Homegrown Parties pres. Francis Dàvila exclusive 5 hour set

Un Dj para ser verdaderamente bueno, debe de experimentar y evolucionar para llegar a un punto donde encuentre la mejor conexiòn con la gente. La mùsica puede cambiar, el estilo puede mejorar, el DJ puede crecer, pero la propuesta y la actitud seguirà sienda lo misma que logrè crear esa relaciòn entre las masas y el Dj. Ven y disfruta de la evoluciòn del mejor Dj y productor de Centro Amèrica, FRANCIS DÀVILA. en un set que nos contarà una historia a travès de estos 10 años de pasiòn por la electrònica.

FRANCIS DÀVILA exclusive 5 hour set

Fecha: S.13 Dic.
Hora: 8pm
Lugar: d`embossa(interior PLayzone z.14)
Opening: Casta(Baroque, Istmo Music, Cube) - special deep set
Cover: Q50.00 (incluye 1 bebida) - mujeres Gratis antes de las 9pm
Primeras 100 personas les incluieremos el ùltimo Set de Francis Dàvila con sus èxitos Silent y Fragile.


Francis DavilaBorn in Guatemala City, this 29 year old, began his career as a Dj and producer in 1998. His first approach to the electronic music scene was when he started performing his live act with a set of synthesizers and samplers in night clubs and raves. Weekend after weekend, he made his name renowned, becoming a strong foundation for the scene. As he became more experienced with his live act performance, he was exposed to the sound of house music and made it his own. He travelled to the US, and got influenced by San Francisco’s music scene. He got in touch with the djing culture and its magic, and that’s when he found out, that he wanted to be part of it. He discovered new tendencies of electronic music and brought them back home already as a dj.In 2001 he released his first unlabeled cd, with his own productions called ¨Passenger’s Journey¨, and in 2002 another one called ¨El Rosado¨. He started to send his music to different labels around the globe, some djs started to play and chart his music, but it was in 2004 when he signed his first Double Vinil Release with Seductive Records (USA), Martin Accorsi’s Label. With this track Francis Davila’s name appeared in important charts as the Balance Record Pool, reaching number 7, staying in the chart for 4 weeks. Djs as Sander Kleinenberg, Filterheadz, Tom Stephan, Peter Rauhopher, John Creamer played this track..From this point on, his name became known internationally giving him the opportunity to sign his tracks with other labels, and was requested to do remixes for other artists.But not only he have had success as a producer, as a Dj, he has grown bigger. He has been playing in Latin American countries constantly. His remarkable presentations in big festivals and great gigs in different cities, from Mexico to Colombia, have earned him the recognition of the Latin American audience..Being such an important part of the Guatemalan electronic movement he has been asked to do the warm ups for djs as: Paul Van Dyk, Above and Beyond, Max Graham, ATB, Ferry Corsten, Tiesto, Saeed Younan, Lange, Josh Wink, Lee Burridge, James Holden, Jerry Bonham, Dimitri from Paris, Dj Dan, Mistress Barbara, Oliver Klein, Dave Ralph, Steve Porter, Christian Smith, to name a few. But his increasing prestige makes the promoters to see him not only as a warm up dj, but as a Headliner.In 2005, Paul Van Dyk, played and charted several times the track “Wake me From the Inside” which was a duo production team with Santiago Niño, unfortunally this great track was never released..Also that year, Kasey Taylor, from Australia, got one of Francis Davila’s unreleased track called Domenica, he played this tune for a while, and noticed the impact of the track on the dance floor. That made him decides to sign this track in released in 2006 under his Vapour Recordings Label, which became a Big Hit. This song has a remix by one of the hottest producers of this time, Jaytech. The track has been played by John Digweed, Dave Seaman, Sander Kleinenberg and Mathew Dekay to mention a few.Last year was great, Not only for the Vapour Release, but because also the new label Istmo Music, from Central America, asked Francis to join them, and has signed a lot of his tracks, releasing them at Beatport. One that we must mention is Steppin Out who made its way through the Balance Chart, and had it for two weeks..Tight as a Drum and Visions of you, two of his hottest releases has been constantly played and charted by Paul Van Dyk.In 2008 Francis signed two tracks, Fragil & Silent, on Paul Van Dyk’s Label, Vandit Digital. The radio edit of Silent, a powerful progressive tune, went straight to the highest positions in the charts of several radio stations. .?From Francis Davila, we can’t expect nothing but amazing releases, and sets full of emotion and energy.


Vinils: Francis Davila – Be here Tonight (original mix) Seductive Recs -Francis Davila – Be here Tonight (Sphere remix) Seductive Recs -Francis Davila – Be here Tonight (Accorsi rmx) Seductive Recs - Francis Davila –Be here Tonight (Santiago Niño rmx) Seductive Recs- Francis Davila – Domenica (original mix) Vapour Recordings- Francis Davila – Domenica (Jaytech rmx) Vapour Recordings- Dj Fadul – In my Brain (Francis Davila rmx) Molacacho Recs- Marcelo Castelli – Aborigen (Dávila remix) South American grooves

Digital: Francis Davila – Disolution (original mix) Istmo Music- Francis Davila – Narangia (original mix) Istmo Music- Francis Davila – Dreams (original mix) Istmo Music- Francis Davila – Memorial Devotchka (original mix) Istmo Music- Francis Davila – Mindless Reaction (original mix) Istmo Music- Francis Davila– Wet Lips (original mix) Istmo Music- Francis Davila – The Last Time (original mix) Istmo Music - Francis Davila & Santiago Niño – Steppin Out Istmo Music- Paul K – Don't Forget (Davila & Niño rmx) Existence Recs- Smight – This guy you know (Francis Davila remix) Cure recs- Santiago Niño – Deep Inside (Francis Dávila remix) Istmo Music- Christian Berger – Body ( Francis Davila Remix) Istmo Music- Francis Davila - Tight as a Drum - (original mix) Istmo Music- Francis Davila - Tight as a Drum - (London 909 remix) Istmo Music- Francis Davila - Tight as a Drum - (Mario Ochoa remix) Istmo Music- Francis Davila - Tight as a Drum - (Aguilera remix) Istmo Music- Francis Davila & Alex Hentze – Visions of You (Istmo Music)-Francis Davila & Alex Hentze – Visions of You(Gabriel Batz Rmx)- Santiago Niño – Wombat (Francis Davila remix) Istmo Music-Francis Davila – Hush (Istmo Music)-Francis Davila – Silent (Original mix) Vandit Digital -Francis Davila – Silent (dub mix) Vandit Digital-Francis Davila – Silent (radio edit) Vandit Digital-Francis Davila – Fragil (original mix) Vandit Digital-Francis Davila – Fragil (radio edit) Vandit DigitalUnreleasedFrancis Davila & Santiago Niño–Wake me from the Inside(original) Francis Davila & Santiago Niño–Wake me from the Inside (4mal rmx) Francis Davila & Santiago Niño–Wake me from the Inside(MikeFoyle)Marcelo Castelli – Southamerica (Francis Dávila remix)

“Francis Davila is not just a great dj, also a nice producer” “Part of the dream dj lineup of Paul Van Dyk”(Paul Van Dyk @ Vonyc Session 08-02-2007)

Apoyemos lo mejor que nos ha dado Guatemala en la electrònica.

Los esperamos ;)

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